Getting a Vestel tv profile-all of them-

I have uploaded the file permanently I wish you to use it on healthy days
I told you, in the intervening time, mashallah has downloaded 5000 people, I broke my record in bekozap (ottplayer is behind, but not far behind, 6320 people have downloaded it too) Well, if you say what’s new :

The MB98 file has been added
The MB110 file has been added
The MB130p file has been added
The MB130s file has been added
The MB140 file has been added
The MB230 file has been added

Also added a profile import “read”  folder for MB82 cards.

Here you will not ask specifically for MB82 maps, “How do I do this?” Download, save and use

Download link :



1- Download the file

2- Unzip the files in the downloaded ZIP file.

3- Copy the unzipped files (all except OKU.txt) to the FAT32 USB stick.

4- Connect the USB stick to the TV, open the service menu with Menu+4+7+2+5, highlight the option “USB Operations” and press the OK button on the remote control.

Yes, you have imported the profiles, 3 profile files (langprofile, hwprofile and swprofile), but you will only use the SW profile (don’t forget to make a backup). Open the downloaded profile with the toolbox, change the profile settings you want and enjoy :).

If you try to change all the TV profile settings with the Toolbox, your TV will “brick” (the modern saying is brick, but it actually means crash).