Hacking the software of Vestel TV -1

Caution! The operations described may pose a hazard to the TV. Working without full software is risky and the risk rests with the USER. You can get the full software for your TV at:   https://tavsiyeforumu.com/

Actually I should not have written more here because we at DH (Donanimhaber) are already talking about the subject, but my son said, “Dad, why don’t you say that on your site, isn’t the Vestel software also Linux?” and I decided to write it.

A lot has been said on this subject, I don’t want to compare Vestel to other brands, but in terms of ease of use and especially customer service, calling every week and asking questions, “Is your problem solved?” That’s the reason why it has become my favourite brand. That’s why when I wanted to buy an LED TV, Vestel was my first choice.

I have read on the internet that “Samsung TVs have been hacked like this, LG TVs have been hacked like this”, recently we have heard the name “Vestel” and (in my words) the sales of Vestel TVs have exploded, even if they say to me ” because of you”, this change of profile setting is of course not only because of me.🙂 .

Maybe the changes made seem very limited to you, but they are not to be underestimated, e.g. opening PVR recording, e.g. enabling DTS audio decoder (e.g.), especially enabling 3D and dual screens on some panels, enabling Bluetooth on some cards.

To do this, we must first retrieve the profile files from the TV. This process is the same for all Vestel and Vestel product TVs (e.g. Seg, Hi-Level, etc.). To do this, we just need to know the motherboard of our TV or the name of the profile files, and we can find this out from the places I have shown in the picture below. For example, the name of the TV’s profile file in the picture below is “MB91”.

MB91 map:

I hear you ask if the profile file name and card number are the same for all TVs? Of course not, I think Vestel has started hiding the files or changing their names as a precaution, but we can still retrieve the files we want from the TV. This time we copy all the files to the USB stick, not just one, and say “yuppiiii” 🙂 .

For example, in the picture below we read TV card MB96 and profile file MB96, but actually the file is called MB95 🙂 .

MB96 :

MB97 :

MB95 :

MB100 :

MB120 :

MB82 MB82S :