Hacking the software of Vestel TV -3

Yes, we have learned motherboards and software installation, now we need to learn how to download files from TV.

It all started when burak05 sent me a private message from DH(donanimhaber), I saw that the TV software was discontinued, it developed because I have a somewhat superior “manipulation” skill🙂 .

Download the documents we need to get the files (for example) HERE, unzip the files;

1- Unzip the files.

2- All these files (best 🙂 ) are copied to the USB drive formatted with FAT32, without folders and other files.

3-The USB drive is connected to the TV, the service menu is opened with the MENU + 4725 key on the remote control.

4-To copy our profile files to the USB drive, go to the USB Operations option in the window that opens and click the OK button 🙂 .

Let’s create a folder and save the copies of the downloaded files separately with the note “original” so that we can use them in case of problems in the future.

If you can’t open this compressed “tar.gz” file or say “I couldn’t download the file”, don’t worry, Windows users need to make the file extension visible, create a new txt file and give it a name. “DownloadProfile.mbxxx”, usually here “mbxxx” is your card number, but most of the time card number and profile number don’t match, so replace xxx here with 90,95,96,100,120, so best create 5 files with these names.


If you have MB82 and MB82s cards, create an empty folder called “read”, copy this empty folder to the USB stick and do the same download as in the third point I explained above. Look at the pictures in topic 1 to understand your map.

So yes, we downloaded the files from the TV, even copied the files, backed them up and saved the “original” as I called it.

Now we have files called “mbxxx_swprofile.bin” and “mbxxx_hwprofile.bin”, these are the files that make it easier to “hack” the TV without having to connect cables or fiddle with FTP like other TV brands 🙂 .

Now it’s time to change your profile settings. 😉 .