Hacking the software of Vestel TV -5

Edit under LINUX with 2 Java + Hex-Editor:

You can download the programme HERE.

For Linux users like me, I have provided the reader program that works on Windows and the same program that can be used on Linux with a lot of effor. To do this, Java must be installed from the Linux repository, which is available in almost all repositories of every Linux version. I prepared the files to extract the profiles “mb9x and phonix” in the program I prepared and left the name “Reader”. You simply copy the profiles you get from the TV into the folder “Reader” and double-click on the file “90.sh” I described as an example. I do the hex editing with “octeta” under Debian, which is easier for me.

I prepared the files to extract the profiles “mb9x and phoenix” into the programme I prepared and kept the name “Reader”. You just copy the profiles you get from the TV into the folder “Reader” and double click on the file “90.sh” I explained as an example. Under Debian I edit the hex with “octeta”, which is easier for me.

Let me give you the boot logo again as an example.

In the pictures we copy the profiles we get from the TV to /home/benim_home_klasörüm/reader/reader/ (1 and 2). Then we double-click on 90.sh (3), which also works via the console. It creates a txt file for us (4 and 5), we open the “sw_profile.txt” of this file with an editor like kwrite, we also open the file “sw_profile.bin” with octeta and find the offset we want to change (6 and 7). To turn off the boot logo, we change the 01 to 00 and save it.

Basically the process we do is the same as in Windows, the only difference is that we do it in Linux 🙂 The installation work is the same;

1-We create a folder called “Profile”.

2-Copy the file we edited, mb9x_swprofile.bin, to the “Profile” folder.

3-Copy this folder to the USB drive formatted with FAT32.

4-We connect the USB drive to the TV, press MENU+4725 on the remote, enter the service menu, from there we go to the “USB Operations” option, press the OK button, when the installation is complete (it takes about 1 second), we turn the TV off and on again with the remote and open our hacked TV. We watch TV🙂 .