Hacking the software of Vestel TV -6

Editing with SWProfile.BIN Patcher

Yes, we learned how to get and edit the software from the TV, but some of our friends, for example, say “the process is not smart TV hacking”, but they still said “we can’t do it with Java”.

We generally have this problem with motherboards between mb97 and mb120, because even though it says “profiles are not missing”, unfortunately, according to dear Giray, the content is downloaded incompletely from the TV. I’ve explained this several times in the DH, and even said to dear Adem: “Tell the Vestel programmers not to restrict profile downloading, because that’s what the TVs are sold for.” Indeed, there is no deficiency, I can see the real profile size with the tray, but it is “missing” as they say 🙂 .

Well, if we download the profile content incomplete, I hear we cannot make any changes to the profile settings. This is where dear Giray’s program comes to our rescue, you can download it HERE, normally it needs to be installed but I personally tried it and saw that it works without installation, most probably it will work for you too.

The programme is just great, you make changes with your eye, you don’t have to bother with hex editors or other utilities, but you have to be careful. Remember that it is risky to make changes with all kinds of profiles. Remember that playing with all kinds of profiles is risky. The biggest feature of the Giray programme is that the profile file you change does not make any changes to the original, but leaves it as it is. The changes you make do not save the contents of the original file, so you have the original profile as a backup 🙂 .

As shown in the pictures below, load the profile you got from the TV (1), set the values you want to turn on or off by making your selection (2) and click on “Patch” (3). Confirm the warning window (4) and the last warning with “OK” Click on “(5)” and finish.

Any action that needs to be done with profiles is RISKANT, act accordingly 😉 , also change the file extension according to the warning in the last screen in the Giray programme, don’t forget!

The installation process is the same as the other methods;

1-Create a folder called “Profile”.

2-Copy the file we edited, mb9x_swprofile.bin, into the “Profile” folder.

3-Copy this folder to the USB drive formatted with FAT32.

4-We connect the USB drive to the TV, press MENU+4725 on the remote, access the service menu, from there go to “USB Operations”, press the OK button, when the installation is complete (it takes about 1 second), we turn the TV off and on with the remote and see our hacked TV.

You can download the programme HERE