Vestel and Vestel-produced TV profile editors

All the programmes for downloading profiles, panel files and other files from Vestel and Vestel TVs and for editing profile files are in a single file.

Simply copy the file you want to the USB memory, connect it to the TV’s USB input and press the OK button on the remote control.

Actually, these are the files I publish and write about from time to time, and I thought it best to collect them all in one folder. Everything on this subject is mainly on the previous pages. I have explained modding work in eight (8) topics, many websites and forums have been linked from here. As you can see, I have become quite famous without knowing it. Come on, enough bragging, now it’s time for work 🙂 .


If your system (Windows$) gives you a virus warning, please skip it as they are very friendly and can give silly messages like “Hops, there’s a virus”.

Download the file – Download


Profil edit


The Java Linux programs may not be professional, but they are mine. For some reason I wanted to point out that those who use Linux know that some libraries should be installed, but you should have them.

Note 2:

Address for new versions:

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