Hacking the software of Vestel TV -2

First, let’s learn how to install the full (complete) or upgrade software that we have on the TV …

We search for software using the serial number of your TV on the Vesteldriver, which I mentioned in the previous topic, we download the found software to the computer and open the compressed file.

This is important:

If the downloaded and extracted file name is “upgrade_mbxxx.bin”, this file is the upgrade software, which we call “Core” and;

1- Copy this file to a Fat32 formatted USB without folder

2-When we connect the USB stick to the TV, we close the media player window that opens on the TV with “Exit”.

3- Press MENU + 1505 buttons on the remote control and the following window will appear. We wait for the completion of the installation by saying “yes” to the question here.

I hear you say why this file is known as “core” 🙂 The upgrade software is only for modified ones.

The upgrade software is only for changed applications or updated applications, because installing full version software also changes the user’s applications, e.g. channel list, user settings. If you have previously changed or will change profile settings, your changes will not be changed when you install the upgrade software and you do not need to keep fiddling with them.

Installing the full (complete) software is different, we re-open the software you downloaded from your TV, we have (usually) 3 files, these are (although the name changes depending on the TV card):





All these files again;


1-Copy to a FAT32-formatted USB memory stick without folders.

2-When the USB memory stick is connected to the television, the “Media Player” window is exited with “Exit”.

3-Switch off the television and disconnect the mains cable.

4-Hold the remote control to the television and press and hold the OK key and plug in the mains cable.

5-We check that the USB stick we have plugged in has an LED, because first a dimmer flashes, then it flashes brightly. At the same time, the TV’s standby light starts flashing. At this moment, we can release the OK button, which we keep on the TV.(silinecek).

6-When the TV goes to the first installation as in the picture below, you can feel comfortable now that the software has been installed