Hacking the software of Vestel TV -8

Till now I have explained the TVs with mainboards between mb9x-mb120, now there are TVs with mb82(s) mainboard. Actually I don’t know if editing with software is called Vestel TV Hack, Smart TV Hack or Software Modification, but we did our best 🙂 .

Of course, we should thank dear Giray for this convenience because he found what I wanted to tell below, the process is very simple;

1-We create an empty folder on the PC.

2-We change its name to “read”.

3-Copy this folder without content to the USB drive and there should be no other files or documents on the USB memory stick.

4-The USB drive is connected to the TV, the service menu is opened by pressing the MENU + 4725 keys on the remote control, the option “USB operations” is selected and the files are retrieved by pressing the OK key.

The folder “read” contains the imported file “phoenix_swprofile.bin”, which can be edited either with the hex editor, with Giray’s programme or with the Vestel toolbox. Of course, I find the Giray program more suitable for this kind of work 😉.

The installation process is different from the other methods;

1-Copy the phoenix_swprofile.bin file you rearranged to the FAT32 formatted “USB drive” WITHOUT folders.

2- We connect the USB drive to the TV, press MENU+4725 on the remote control, go to the service menu, select “USB Operations” and press the OK button, when the installation is complete (it takes about 1 second), we turn the TV off and on with the remote control and see our hacked TV.