Hacking the software of Vestel TV -7

Editing with Vestel_Toolbox

And another great programme – download link is given below -.

The process is the same as the dear Giray’s programme. This programme may seem a little complicated, but it is simple (in my opinion of course). It’s actually a program I had thought of, but I stumbled across it and said “let’s do something like this” 🙂 (I had downloaded all the programs on Linux, the truth is I wanted to do it with my son’s help, but I didn’t need that because I found the program ready).

The truth is that the program is not released yet (public), the good thing is that you can also edit the HW profile (but it is VERY RISKY). In normal profiles (I call them “complete”) the programme takes the settings from the “internal settings”, in the profiles I say are missing (I insist they are missing – Dayko) it gets the settings from the “dictionary.ini” file. The program is exactly what I wanted, but I wanted it to get its settings from the “*.ini” file for both complete and incomplete profiles, because we need to be able to add them manually as needed in different situations (in fact, I tried adding them, but my fear is that the internal and external INI files might conflict somewhere).

To use;

Unzip the file to the desktop and run it (2). Select the profile you downloaded from the TV (1) to edit it. Select the setting you want to change from the drop-down menu (3). Double-click the value in the adjacent window (4). Select the value (5) Click on “Save” (6) to save the action(s) you performed in the pop-up window. When the action(s) you performed are completed (7), click on the “Disk” icon (8) in the programme and save.

Extra foto:

Make sure you keep a backup copy of the files you receive from the TV, as this programme saves the original file without a backup copy!

The installation process is the same as the other methods;

1-We create a folder called “Profile”.

2-Copy the file we edited, mb9x_swprofile.bin, into the “Profile” folder.

3-Copy this folder to the USB drive formatted with FAT32.

4-We connect the USB drive to the TV, press MENU+4725 on the remote control, enter the service menu, select “USB Operations” there and press the OK button, when the installation is finished (it takes about 1 second), we turn the TV off and on with the remote control and see our hacked TV.

You can download the Turkish mod program here 🙂

You can download the original program here 🙂