Hacking the software of Vestel TV -4

Via the “Service Menu” we have learned which card our TV uses and how we can download profiles from this TV. Now it is time to rearrange the downloaded profiles for the Vestel TV trick 🙂 .

To do this, of course, we first need the utilities;

1-Edit with Java + Hex Editor under WINDOWS:

To edit in this way we need to do it deliberately, not by changing every offset, it must support the variable that is open in the TV software, otherwise your TV will not be able to start. Areas that are important for us or need to be opened are PVR, DTS, 3D, Dual Screen, DVB, Subtitle colour matching, Netflix.

To do this, of course we first download our program HERE, we download the program HexEdit which we will edit HERE, we open the downloaded files on the desktop.

A- We copy the incoming files to the folder “vestel profile reader” (1 -2) and click on the batch file “vestel toplu is dosyasi” (3 -and 4) picture below:

When we click on the batch file 2 files (5-6) are created and finished.

We open the SW-file of the created file with Notepad (e.g. “kwrite” under Linux), at the same time we open the SW-bin-file with “hex edit”, bring the two files next to each other. We find the hex code (7) of the setting we want to change (e.g. the boot logo in the example in the picture), the code of the boot logo is 280, “first we click on Search (8) and then on Go (9). “And we write this code in the offset in the window (10) that appears and click OK (11). At the point where the cursor flashes, we change it. Here we change the value from 01 (on), to 00 (off) (12 -13) and click on the editor’s Save button (15) to save.

With this we are 90% done, so we have a new hacked file “mb9x_swprofile.bin”.

1-Create a folder called “profile”.

2-Copy the edited file mb9x_swprofile.bin to the “profile” folder.

3-Copy this folder to a FAT32 formatted USB drive.

4-Connect the USB drive to the TV, press MENU+4725 on the remote control, enter the service menu, click on the option “USB Operations” and press the OK button when the installation is complete (it takes about 1 second), switch the TV off and on again with the remote control and open the hacked TV 🙂 .